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30"x 48" Acrylic on Board. This piece is a collaboration between husband and wife duo Indy Rock and LuLu. Indy composed the background creating an abstract using graffiti elements and LuLu added one of her characters; someone who exhibits physical traits of many men we know, namely the hair style, beard and tank top. While it was not created with the intention of looking like anyone in particular, it wound up perfectly resembling one of the artist's close friends Marquis. 

LuLu is careful in working with Indy's background, the painting isn't only about the character, it is all of the colors and energy. With that in mind, LuLu incorporates background elements into Marquis's shirt and eyebrow. It's important to note, the duo did not discuss any plans for this collaboration, only that one would paint first and the other would add to it. 

*Certificate of authenticity provided with every original painting.

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